Jun 13

Recycling is More than Just Talk for Charlotte, NC


Charlotte aka the “Queen City” is the state’s largest municipality and has an active recycling program in conjunction with Mecklenburg County, for its residents and businesses through its Solid Waste Services Department. In April, Charlotte sponsored a week-long series of special events designed to educate citizens about the many programs currently underway in various neighborhoods. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 13

OffGrid Solar Backpack Giveaway!


We’re giving away an OffGrid Solar Backpack which retails at $229! This backpack can charge all of your devices while you’re out in the sun. 1 hour in sun = 1.5 hours talk time!

It charges phones, cameras, iPods, GPS devices, and more. Enter to win below!

Giveaway ends 6/24/2013
US Only Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 13

World Environment Day


Not only is it Wednesday today but it is also WED, World Environment Day. For those that don’t know too much about the celebration here is a little background as well as what the goal for 2013 is. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 13

What is and is not Recyclable?


Everyone knows that recycling refers to the process of taking items that are old, broken or discarded and transforming them into items that are new and usable, nevertheless, every year heaps of recyclable items are naively thrown into the landfill. These items are either collected and incinerated or left there to slowly and unnaturally biodegrade, corrupting and intensely polluting the environment. Read the rest of this entry »