May 13


It has become trendy lately for celebrities to say that they are embracing the green movement, the push to preserve the planet’s natural resources. However, many of these “green celebrities” do a lot more than just write a check. Below are just a few pretty great Hollywood notables who are truly “walking the walk” for the green movement:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio: One of the greenest stars around, DiCaprio drives a hybrid car, takes commercial flights rather than private jets and uses solar energy to power his home. He also sits on the boards of several environmental organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund and his own the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Here DiCaprio aims to protect wild life and the environment through benefits such as the 11th Hour Auction, supporting environmental charities, and currently fighting the ivory poaching in many countries.

2. Maroon 5: Rock and roll bands aren’t usually associated with energy conservation. However, Maroon 5 is an exception. The five-man, Grammy-award-winning band has been on a mission to promote sustainable touring and has used bio-diesel tour buses for the last five years. They were honored at the Environmental Media Awards and have been involved with the Green Music Project in which they helped get started. They promote recycling at all of their concerts and donate a portion of all of their ticket sales to the environmental organization, Global Cool. This organization works to get a million people worldwide to reduce their own energy use and there for lower the impact of global warming.

3. Brad Pitt. Pitt is both a humanitarian and an environmentalist. His Make it Right Foundation is nearing completion on 150 environmentally-friendly, sustainable new homes in New Orleans’ hurricane-ravished Ninth Ward. The Academy-Award-winning actor has also been recognized by the U.S. Green Council for his environmental work and, with his partner Angelina Jolie, donates heavily to green causes.

4. Ed Begley Jr.: Called the Greenest Man in Hollywood, this actor, known for his roles on the television series, “St. Elsewhere” and “Six Feet Under,” is so “green” that he often foregoes the limo and arrives at Hollywood events on his bicycle. Begley and his wife also produce a reality television series on Planet Green that chronicles how his family attempts to lessen its carbon footprint. He also has authored a series of green themed books called “Ed Begley’s Guide to Sustainable Living”. Begley drives a hybrid car, has replaced his southern California grass lawn with native California plants and powers his 1,585-square-foot home with solar and wind-generated energy.

5. Robert Redford. Redford was doing things to preserve the environment long before it was trendy. He founded the Sundance Preserve, a non-profit dedicated to preserving the watershed in Utah’s North Fork Canyon, in 1969. He has also produced a television series, called “The Green,” dedicated to educating the public on issues such as solar energy and preserving the wilderness. Redford has received many honors for his conservation work, including being named “Hero of the Environment” by Time magazine.

The term environmentally-conscious Hollywood celebrity doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. If you look carefully, you’ll see plenty of stars who are using their wealth and public personas to strengthen the green movement. Here are a few more I found that are using their celebrity status to make a difference: Coldplay, Drake, J.Cole, Jessica Albert, Emma Watson, Gisele Bundchen, Matt Damon and the list goes on!