Apr 13

Green living is important to incorporate into every aspect of life. Aside from making changes at home, going green at the office is equally important. There are numerous changes that can make an office more Eco-friendly. Unfortunately, many do not know where to start in terms of designing an office in such a way. Below are a few good ways on how to incorporate green living into the workplace.

Have Efficient Windows Installed

Having energy-efficient windows installed is a great place to start when designing an Eco-friendly office. Windows help to block outdoor heat in the warmer months and help to retain heat during colder months. As a result, air-conditioning and heating is used less resulting in less energy use. When deciding to make this change, be sure to consult with an expert to ensure that you purchase the right windows for the office’s needs. These needs include the climate in your area, in addition to the types of windows needed in different locations of the office.

Eco-friendly Office Supplies

This very affordable design change will actually save money from the start. Eco-friendly office supplies such as a hand powered paper shredder, recycled tissues and recycled trash bins can help save energy and trees, in addition to being very affordable.

Make Changes to the Office Kitchen

The office kitchen is the location that is responsible for producing waste that is harmful to the environment. Switching to organic products and buying reusable items help to reduce this waste. It is a small design change that can make a big impact.

Smart Climate Control

Every environmentally friendly office needs to have smart climate control. This can be implemented by having programmable thermostats installed. A programmable thermostat allows employees to control the temperature settings by room. Temperature can also be controlled by time of day. This way energy is not being wasted on unused areas of the office. Over time, smart climate control will reduce energy costs. Here is a list of a few that have been ranked pretty well.

Switch to Energy Saving Computers

Source: Earth 911

Source: Earth 911

Newer computers with the Energy Star labels are amazing energy savers. They include settings that help them operate very efficiently. Settings that should be selected should include setting monitors to turn off after inactivity and selecting the best power plan for the system.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting includes switching to energy efficient bulbs as well as installing an automated lighting system. With automated systems you have the option of setting a timer in addition to using a photo sensor or motion detector to control lighting. With a smart lighting system, lights are only on when they need to be and automatically turn off to ensure that the office is not wasting valuable energy.

Overall, designing your office in an Eco-friendly way is easy. Some of the above tips may not be an option due to upfront cost but that’s no reason not to try out the others! These simple changes can improve both the appearance and function of the office for yourself, your employees and the environment. In the end, you will have an amazing green office that you and your co-workers can be proud of.