Jun 13


Not only is it Wednesday today but it is also WED, World Environment Day. For those that don’t know too much about the celebration here is a little background as well as what the goal for 2013 is.

When in All Began:

The first World Environment Day began in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972 and was created by the United Nations General Assembly in an effort to bring awareness to environmentalism. The initiative focuses on educating people all over the world on hot Eco topics such as biodiversity, global warming and food waste. It works on teaching how they can live a more sustainable life and that everyone can make a difference!

WED 2013

Each year WED has a different theme as well as being hosted in a different country. This year it is being hosted in Mongolia and the theme is “Think. Eat. Save”. The UNEP, FAO and Messe Dusseldorf all came together for this campaign and chose this specific topic for a good reason. Over the years there have been studies taken and it has been revealed that close to 1/3 of food productions worldwide is being wasted. That is an insane amount of food that is going in the trash! With all the hungry people in the world without food it seems this waste could be put to better use. The goal of Think Eat Save is to get people to realize how much food is actually being wasted and lost and that with a few steps and tweaks in the supply chain and consumer buying, this could change.

In the United States, Portland Organ has been selected to host the North American WED celebration. The city will set up activities and events open to the public such as pointing competitions and workshops to promote environmental awareness.

What can you do?

Becoming more conscious of what and how much you are buying at the grocery store is a great place to start. Did you know that food doesn’t always break down nicely in landfills? All though we would all like to believe it did the truth is that without proper sunlight food is unable to decompose properly and actually produces methane gas, which in turn ads to the global warming issue (I didn’t know that either!).

There is great list over at ThinkEatSave.org of 10 tips to help get you started and include things such as trying to eat what you already have and freezing things before they go bad to use at a later date. I actually do this with green vegetables that I won’t finish and throw them in my smoothie!

What will you do not only today but every day to bring awareness to the growing environmental concerns such as food waste?